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Prior To Surgery...


Each cat must have it's own carrier. 

All dogs must come in on a leash. If you have your
dog on a retractable leash, please make sure it is
locked on a short leash.

Keep your dog close to you. Even though your dog
may like other pets, some dogs don’t care for other dogs.


"***When bringing in feral cats in a live humane trap (that is size-appropriate), please make sure they are covered with a sheet or towel. It is very stressful for feral cats to be in a trap because they feel exposed on all sides. Keeping them covered at all times helps reduce their stress. Traps should be this size to humanely and properly keep cats safe. Measurements: 32IN X 15IN X 10IN.


NOTE: The check-in process can take 10-30 minutes, depending on how many pets we are checking in that morning. Please plan accordingly, arrive on time, and be patient with the staff. 

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Pre-Surgery Instructions


For pets older than 4 months of age please withhold all food after midnight (12 AM) the night before surgery. You may leave water out for them until morning. If your pet is 4 months old or younger, please feed them ¼ of their normal meal in the morning before bringing them for surgery.


You may want to bathe or groom your pet prior to their surgery, as we will request that you do not bathe or groom them for 10-14 days after their surgery.


If your pet is up to date with their rabies vaccine, make sure you bring a copy of the rabies certificate with you in the morning. This is very important. We need the certificate, NOT the rabies tag.


Although we do offer vaccinations on the same day as surgery, we highly recommend that your pet be vaccinated at least two weeks before surgery for DAPPv-L4 (distemper-parvo combo) and Bordetella for all dogs and FVRCP (distemper, upper respiratory) for cats. While no vaccine is 100% effective, vaccination will lessen the chance of your pet contracting disease, as well as decrease the severity of the disease if your pet does contract it. You may visit our clinic to have your pet vaccinated before surgery by calling us to make an appointment.


We do require all pets four months and older to be vaccinated for rabies. If your pet has not had a rabies vaccine, they can receive it on the day of surgery. If they have been previously vaccinated, please bring a copy of proof of vaccination with you on the morning of surgery. We must have a copy of the actual rabies certificate and cannot accept a rabies tag as proof.


If your pet has a pre-existing condition, such as: a heart murmur, seizures, neurological condition, prior reaction to anesthesia, or disease or major illness/injury which requires ongoing attention, then Spay Illinois is not the appropriate facility to perform your pet's spay/neuter. Our anesthetic protocols may not include the appropriate protocol your pet needs. A full-service clinic will have many other options that may be better suited and tailored for your pet’s particular condition. They can provide you with the guidance needed to make the best, well-informed decision regarding your pet’s ongoing care.

If your pet is currently taking medications (other than the typical flea/tick and heartworm prevention) please provide a full list of these medications, including eye, ear, or skin medications so that we can determine if your pet is an appropriate candidate for surgery with Spay Illinois protocols. Some medications can interact with other medications or drugs that we use. 


We collect payment upon pick up of your pet at the end of the day. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, debit, and cash. We do not accept American Express, Care Credit, or checks.


If your surgery is being covered with a county or state voucher, please present it at check in. This is needed in the morning to ensure proper invoicing and services.


If you are receiving LINK benefits, please bring proof with you the morning of surgery to qualify for discounted services through our Project Families Forever program. We must have proof of your benefits in the morning to process your discounts. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept proof after check-in.

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