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Dental Services

Animals cannot tell you why they are not eating.  It may be because they cannot chew. We can help!


All pets receiving a dental procedure must be seen for a dental consult before their dental procedure can be scheduled. Dental consults help us determine if the pet is healthy enough for anesthesia and perform pre-surgical bloodwork if necessary.


At the dental consult, you will receive a dental estimate with a low-end range and a high-end range based on how much time the veterinarian suspects it will take to correct the dental disease in your pet’s mouth.


Dental procedures are always performed under general anesthesia. This makes it possible for the veterinarian to thoroughly and safely clean the teeth without pain or stress to your pet. All pet’s undergoing a dental will be hooked up to advanced anesthetic monitoring to ensure your pet is stable throughout the procedure. 


The dental procedure involves a thorough exam of oral structures followed by charting your pet’s mouth to determine their grades of gingivitis and calculus. Dental radiographs are then performed to determine the extent of disease below the gumline. At this point, any extractions that need to be performed will be along with nerve blocks. We do not call before extractions as they are included in the estimate you were provided.


After extractions, all remaining teeth will be cleaned using an ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and tartar above the gingiva. After scaling is complete, we will polish the teeth using a rubber-tipped rotary polishing tool and paste. Finally, the mouth is rinsed and dried. A fluoride foam may be placed on the teeth at the very end of the procedure.

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