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When Tough Times Come

Like a lot of us, Andrea leans on her pets in good times and bad.

Recently, though, times have been a bit more bad than good. An injury forced her from work and created some economic hardship for her family. But it’s also caused her to need a different kind of support.

The kind only a pet can give.

“We rescued them when I was working,” Andrea offers. “And things weren’t an issue with money. I’m off work because of the injury so they are my companions. They are my therapists.”

Going down one income definitely put a strain on the family. Still, Andrea and her husband, Francis, remained committed to making sure their cat, Panther, and their two dogs, Chewy and Snoopy, had the care they needed.

“I can’t get rid of them,” she says. “They deserve care just like my kids."

The Right Help at the Right Time

One of the biggest reasons we’re here is to help families struggling with finances. When it comes to pets, we’re the backstop they need so their pets don’t have to be rehomed or taken to a shelter.

Even if that’s just a little bump to get them up and over some financial obstacles, it can be a game changer for them.

“How could you get rid of them when times are hard,” Andrea asked. “You can’t get rid of your children. You have to find ways to care for them. We are so grateful we found a way to provide for them what they need. They are as bonded to us as we are to them.”

Pets Love … That’s Just What They Do

In the end, our pets don’t care what we look like, what our clothes are like, or even how we smell. They won’t even leave us when we’re tardy with meals or don’t give them the love they deserve.

That’s why they’re incredible. And, at the risk of sounding like we’re just repeating ourselves, it’s why we’re glad to be here helping out. Because people - struggling or not - deserve the love of those pets. In turn, those pets deserve the love of those people. If it takes our help with vaccines or flea control, then that’s far better than more animals in the shelter. Low cost and subsidized care can make all the difference.

“We are grateful,” Andrea admitted. “Because I couldn’t afford to have care otherwise. Not with my injury and not getting paid. I didn’t want to neglect their needs, but something has to give.”

Without help, things could have been far different for Panther, Chewy and Snoopy. And the people who love and need them.

Instead, a family gets to keep moving forward. “We’re so happy you exist,” Andrea added.



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