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Facing Life’s Ups and Downs

We are here for people like Phil and his friend Hazel.

Because, as Phil can attest, life can take a turn. And sometimes it’s not a

good one.

Phil was injured nearly a year ago and is now finally - slowly - returning to work. And as you can imagine, that puts a very big strain on finances for his family. For some, that might mean looking to cut costs in every way possible just in an effort to survive.

To them, the ability to provide affordable care for their pets is what helps them keep the family together versus having to make the tough decision to let go of hard as that can be.

For some families, it’s the only option if they want a pet they dearly love to have the best shot at a good life.

“Things happen in peoples’ lives,” says Kathi Daniels, founder and CEO of Spay Illinois. “That’s no reason for them to give up an animal they love. But it happens. People relinquish pets to shelters sometimes because they have no other choice. And they know it’s the best way for a friend they love to find another home. Instead of that, we’d prefer that we provide some affordable or subsidized support so they can keep that animal. It’s far better than the alternative.”

Phil agrees.

"Hazel is special,” he says. “This helps me afford taking care of her.”

Staying Afloat

For someone facing uncertainty, it’s a game changer. Dealing with an injury and being off work can be difficult enough, and worrying about the cost of caring for a beloved pet can add even more stress. But having access to care like that provided by Spay Illinois gives people an option, especially in difficult times. It can be a part of helping them stay afloat.

Now, as Phil slowly gets back to work and life returns to normal, he’ll still have Hazel by his side and they can move forward … together. And that’s what we want for the pet families in our community. To stay together through the ups and downs of life. If that means we step in during tough times and provide support, that’s what we’re here for, says Kathi.

“The love of a pet and the care people provide back to them is an incredible thing that does so much good. If we can play a small role in keeping families and pets together, we’re here to do that and it’s something we love being a part of. Our supporters help make that a reality many, many times each year.”

As for Phil and Hazel, life seems to be finally turning in the right direction. And

that’s something we can all celebrate.



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