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When the weather gets warm, you need to guard against pests that can harm your pets. Here are some common questions we get concerning fleas and ticks.



Fleas are the most common type of external parasite found on cats
and dogs; fleas are more than just a seasonal annoyance. Even though
fleas thrive primarily in humid environments above 70 degrees, they
can survive near freezing temperatures and are not entirely inactive during winter.


Once the fleas are on your pet, they can multiply quickly. Remember that the adult fleas you see on your pet only account for a small percentage of the potential population in your home. More than 90% are still in the immature stages (eggs, larvae, and pupae) and pose a looming threat.


  • Did you know that fleas don’t fly, but the average flea can jump as far as 12 inches forward and 7 inches high?

  • One flea can bite your pet up to 400 times a day.


Keeping your pet on prevention throughout the year is the best way to protect your pet.


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