Wish List

Please feel free to drop off donations at our Surgery Center during normal business hours.

Surgery Center

2785 Maple Ave.

Lisle, IL 60532


Thank you in advance!

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PAPER TOWELS:  Help us keep the clinic squeaky clean.

PUPPY PADS:  All puppies, kittens and other in need of these will go home with one in their carrier

CANNED KITTEN FOOD:  All kittens 4 months and under get fed before & after surgery to help keep their blood sugar levels up

CANNED PUPPY FOOD:  All puppies 4 months and under get fed before & after surgery to help keep their blood sugar levels up

BLEACH:  Help us keep our clinics clean and disinfected. It's vital to the health and wellness of the animals in our care

LAUNDRY DETERGENT:  As you can imagine we do
a lot of laundry with 80 surgeries a day

TOWELS:  We place towels and blankets in all the kennels to keep them warm and comfy after surgery

FLEECE BLANKETS:  Single and double layer blankets help keep the pets comfy and warm after surgeries

NEWSPAPER:  Help us pad the kennels to keep the pets warm and comfy

CAT LITTER:  We always have foster cats & kittens

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3.  Pick Organization:  In the box that says, “Or pick your own charitable organization:”, type Spay Illinois Pet Well Clinics.

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