Veterinary Wish List

Spay Illinois is always in need of donations of newspaper, paper towels, laundry detergent, and bleach at our surgical facility. We use these consumables daily to keep our facility sanitized and welcome more pets.

Compact Stackable Washer & Dryer – At The Pet Well Clinic, we consistently use towels and blankets to keep out patients warm and comfy after surgery.

Pulse Oximeter ($750) – We use pulse oximeters to keep our patients safe during surgery by monitoring their heart rates and oxygen levels.

Warming Pad ($133 per pad) – In our recovery room, we use warming pads to keep cats and dogs safe and comfortable after prolonged medical procedures.

Dental X-Ray Machine ($13,300) – This special x-Ray machine is specifically designed to photograph the mouths of cats and dogs to help our veterinarians diagnose problems that are not otherwise visible.

Bair hugger ($1,600) – This is a device that forces warm air into a blanket during medical and dental procedures. The blanket keeps the animal and any fluids being infused during surgery warm while they are under anesthesia.