Sustainable Giving ~ The 22 Fund

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Lucky 22 is now living the dream, but it was no easy road that led here. Not too far gone are the days he lay cold & curled up on the concrete floor at animal control, in desperate need of medical care and uncertain he would ever make it out alive. He waited, among hundreds of others, hoping that someone would come to his rescue. With each passing day, hope for a happy ending grew smaller and smaller. Like many others, 22 was not neutered and in need of extensive medical attention, requiring an expensive entropion eye surgery. With no one to care for him, 22 faced horrible odds of ever getting a second chance at a happy life.

Thanks to the support of generous donors like you, Spay Illinois was able to step up and help, by offering to provide 22’s veterinary care, free of charge, so that a rescue group could afford to pull him into their program. We had the pleasure of treating 22 at our clinic and a local Chicago rescue group later accepted him into their foster program. 

22 is so incredibly grateful for his chance at a new life and wants to help the millions of other animals facing the same challenges he did. 22 knows that the only real way to end pet homelessness is through prevention, spay & neuter.

22 needs your help to end the terrible cycle of pet homelessness by becoming a regular sponsor. He doesn’t want to see another pet experience what he went through. Will you help 22 achieve his dream by signing up below? Simply select you preferred monthly or annual donation amount. Every dollar counts & each donation makes a difference.

By taking part in 22’s sustainable donation program, you will be providing financial assistance to help homeless pets in shelters & rescues receive spay, neuter, and other medical care. It will also help families who are unable to pay for the veterinary care their pets need to help keep them home & out of the shelter. Your regular donation will save hundreds of lives this year by preventing the problem.