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The Importance of Pre-Operative Blood Work

By Dr. Jasmine

Whether your pet is going under anesthesia for an elective procedure or a necessary procedure, pre-operative blood work is an excellent initial screening process to assess your pet’s health.

Although your furry friend may look completely normal, some conditions can go on unnoticed for a long time without showing any signs. Pre-operative blood work can reveal these conditions, which allows your veterinarian to treat or manage your pet prior to anesthesia. 

Pre-operative blood includes a complete blood count and serum chemistry. A complete blood count measures the levels of important cells that live in the bloodstream. This includes red blood cells that deliver oxygen to the body, white blood cells that fight infections, and platelets, which are cells that stop bleeding. A serum chemistry measures necessary proteins, enzymes, lipids, and more!

Together, these tools can provide information about your pet’s overall organ and tissue health. This initial assessment helps your veterinarian determine if your pet is healthy and if anesthesia is the next best step in your pet’s care.



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