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Post-Op Care for Dogs In Heat

If your pet was in heat today, please follow the following guidelines carefully so that you can make sure she has a safe recovery:

1. She may have a bloody vaginal discharge for a few days after surgery.

2. Females that were in heat when spayed may try to breed with a male dog for 10 days after surgery.

3. Keep her away from all male dogs for at least 10-14 days after surgery as mating post-surgery could be life-threatening to your dog.


Tonight, give your pet half of their normal amount of food and water upon returning home. So long as no problems occur, they can return to normal sized meals tomorrow morning. Any lethargy, refusal to eat, diarrhea, or vomiting beyond 24 hours is not normal. Contact us should you notice any of these symptoms. During this time it is important not to change your pet’s diet. Avoid feeding them any table scraps or food not intended for pets, as these can mask post surgical complications. 


Do not allow your pet to run, jump, play, swim, or bathe for the next 10 to 14 days. Dogs should receive short, leashed walks only. All pets should be kept warm, clean, and dry. Avoid any strenuous activities. 


Your pet has received a major surgery. Be sure to keep him/her quiet in an indoor area for the next 12 hours. Keep your pet calm, warm, and comfortable. 


All dogs go home with pain medication. Be sure to follow all instructions outlined on the container. Be careful not to over-administer. All cats receive a long-lasting pain injection and will not require additional pain medication.


We provide you with these recommendations to avoid an expensive and painful post-op veterinary visit. We will gladly examine your pet’s incision should you need to come in for a scheduled re-check appointment, though the cost of any further medications is your responsibility. In the event you need immediate assistance during a time our office is not open, please call your emergency clinic or one of the clinics we have listed on the reverse side of your paperwork. If you choose to visit a different veterinary clinic before contacting us, you will need to pay any costs incurred. We cannot be held responsible for complications resulting from failure to follow our post-operative instructions.


Be sure to check your pet’s area of incision twice daily to ensure that it is healing. Redness and swelling near the incision should be minimal. We recommend that every pet wear an E-Collar to prevent licking and chewing. We carry E-Collars for purchase for $10.


You'll notice that your pet received a small green tattoo near their incision. The tattoo lets other veterinarians know that they have been fixed, should your pet get lost or end up in a shelter. Also, the sutures your pet received are absorbable, unless otherwise stated by your technician at pick-up. Do NOT administer any human products, herbs, or supplements by mouth, or apply ointments/sprays of any kind to the incision. 

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