Feral Cats

Our Programs

feralcats12Feral cats can be brought to The Pet Well Clinic in Lisle to receive a spay or neuter surgery for only $40 per cat. This price includes anesthesia, spay/neuter, a rabies vaccine, an ear tipping, and pain medication to go home.

We offer the Feral Cat subsidy program for all feral, outdoor, and barn cats. As a part of the procedure, we will tip each cat’s ear to identify that they have received a spay or neuter. This ear tip is vital in identification and even in saving the cats life. Ear tipped cats picked up by animal control are released back to their habitat, as they are identified to be of a managed colony.

This program is offered to residents of Kanakakee, Iroquis, and Ford county for only $25 per cat. Call (877) 475-7729 to learn more and book your appointment.

Colony caretakers with 10 or more cats, be sure to call (877) 475-7729 for assistance with spay and neuter.