Chicago-Pet-Show-Day-1Project Families Forever

Spay Illinois developed Project Families Forever to address the comprehensive needs of pet owners in our state by providing the tools and resources needed to ensure all pets can spend their lives happy, healthy, and in their loving homes.

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Cute Dog Examined By VeterinarianSpay/Neuter Events

Save a Stray is our sheltering program that sponsors dogs & cats that are ready to be euthanized at a shelter or animal control. We sponsor the animal by donating funds to a rescue group who has foster space but no available funds to help them rescue the animal.

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Feral Cat Services

Feral cats are the offspring of lost or abandoned pet cats or other feral cats who are not fixed.  They don’t easily adapt, or may never adapt, to living as pets in close contact with people, but they still need our help.


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Patients and Pets

SPAY ILLINOIS has partnered with PetsNPatients to provide free veterinarian wellness care to clients of PetsNpatients.


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100% Initiative

The Spay Illinois “100% Initiative” exists to help licensed rescue, shelter, and animal control agencies spay and neuter all of their pets prior to adoption.

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