Low-Cost Dental Cleanings

The Pet Well Clinic offers affordable dental cleanings to ensure that every pet can access the healthcare they need.

General Cleanings start at only $145
(This includes the cost of Anesthesia, IV Catheter and Fluids, and a Routine Cleaning)
All Dental Cleanings begin with a consultation with our veterinarian. Call (630) 961-8000 to schedule yours.
Please note that all dogs over the age of 6 will require pre-operative bloodwork at the time of their dental consultation.
Your pet’s dental consultation will help us determine the severity of your pet’s dental disease. Depending on the severity of your pet’s dental disease, tooth extractions may be necessary and will be performed at an additional cost. Price for these extractions will vary depending on the number of extractions necessary and the severity of those performed. Please also note that pet’s receiving extractions will also require antibiotic and pain medications to go home.

Cute Dog Examined By Veterinarian

If your family receives LINK (Food Stamps) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) you qualify for discounted dental care for your pet. Your pet must be spayed or neutered to qualify. Call (630) 961-8000 to learn more.