PetNPatients logoSPAY ILLINOIS has partnered with PetsNPatients to provide free veterinarian wellness care to clients of PetsNpatients.

We know how important it is for people suffering from long term illness or serious accidents to continue to be able to care for their pets, without having to worry about the financial burden.

Individuals must be clients of PetsNPatients to participate in the program and must contact PetsNPatients before applying for services from SPAY ILLINOIS.

To find out how PetsNPatients can help click here, for volunteer opportunities click here and to request services click here.

Please consider donating to SPAY ILLINOIS to help us continue to offer these valuable programs!

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These programs mean the world to someone who is experiencing the diagnosis of a terminal illness, then to have to worry about not being able to care for their pet who brings them so much love and peace.

Donate now so that someone else doesnt have to experience the pain of giving up their precious best friend.