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Spay Illinois has partnered with PetsNPatients to provide free veterinary wellness care to PetsNPatients clients.

PetsnPatients NFP works to resource pet care, including veterinary assistance, temporary foster homes, etc, for patients at risk of losing their pet due to health challenges.

We understand the importance and burden that veterinary care places of pet owners suffering from long term illness or serious accidents. We participate in this program to ensure that these families have one less thing to worry about.

In order to participate in this program, individuals must be clients of PetsNPatients and must contact PetsNPatients before applying for service through Spay Illinois.


To learn about how PetsNPatients may be able to help you, click here,

To volunteer with this program, click here.

To place a service request, click here.

To make a donation to Spay Illinois to help us continue to offer these valuable services, please click here. By choosing to support this program, you’ll be ensuring that families effected by the diagnosis of a terminal illness have the ability to keep their precious companions.

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