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SPAY ILLINOIS began in 2009 when the national organization, SPAY USA, asked us to create a state program in Illinois that would help bring affordable spay/neuter to all Illinois residents.

We began our journey by starting low cost pet vaccine clinics that traveled around Illinois. This gave us the opportunity to talk to people about the importance of spay/neuter. We then began partnering with veterinarians, low cost spay/neuter clinics, and held transport programs to help people get their pets spayed/neutered at an affordable price.

We opened our first stationary clinic in September 2010 in Momence, Illinois. The low income area in and around this town were in dire need for a low cost option. In addition to performing in-house spay/neuter, we began offering full wellness services.

In the next few years SPAY ILLINOIS started growing exponentially. We started holding over 20 low cost pet vaccine clinics each month. Our Momence Pet Well Clinic became a staple in the area and our client base grew rapidly. In over three short years, we were responsible for almost 14,000 spay/neuter surgeries.

Our second stationary clinic opened in April 2013 in Lisle, Illinois. Located within 25 miles of our main offsite vaccine clinics, this clinic became an ideal location to funnel intact pets for spay/neuter surgeries. The Lisle Pet Well Clinic also offers full wellness services and just like the Momence clinic, it is growing rapidly.